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Understanding Your Scorpio or Sagittarius Lover

The sign of Scorpio melts into the sky on Oct 23. and heralds another New Moon and Solar Eclipse that will arrive with Sagittarius on Nov 23. Mercury is going to be in retrograde and you should be prepared for confusion, missed communications, misunderstandings with your Scorpio lover. A Scorpio will have finely tuned Online Psychic abilities throughout this time so don’t try to pull the wool over your Scorpio lover’s eyes. It would not be a good time. Your Scorpio lover is usually introverted and keeps his/her deepest thoughts within himself but at this time even Scorpio is running wide open. Remember that you are dealing with a passionate lover and this great feeling is enhanced tremendously over the month of November. Most of the time, Scorpios are terribly jealous within relationships and when Mercury goes retrograde this trait will be enhanced and you can be in for a bumpy ride. Your Scorpio lover will be quicker to understand your feelings at this time of year. He/she will be more likely to appreciate kindnesses that you do without request now. The sexual tension between Scorpio and their significant other will be intense and Scorpio will become even more passionate than before.

It is always best to remember that Scorpio must be the one in charge in any relationship. He/she will always want to set the pace in all areas of a love match. Scorpio will not let you into his/heart lightly. If someone gets in the way of a relationship you should be prepared for retaliation. Scorpio is big on getting revenge and he/she will never stop until he/she feels redeemed. Don’t turn your back on a Scorpio because a Scorpio scorned is a lover who just won’t forget.

As the month ends and the planets move in their rotation, Sagittarius comes into position on December 21. This coincides with the Winter Equinox and this year it is a prelude to the big date 12/21/2012 which next year heralds the end of the ancient Mayan Calendar and big changes in our lives.

Sagittarius is a social sign and will be drawn to relationships with multiple people. It is a Sagittarius’ hidden desire to have multiple lovers at the same time. Of course, no Sagittarius would dream of hurting a person he/she cares for and, at the same time, will expect unfailing loyalty from that lover. No multiple partners for the lover of a Sagittarius. This year your Sagittarius lover may seem to suck the oxygen right of the room when he/she enters. The fire that is a Sagittarius’ main element will seem to burn even brighter at this time. Your Sagittarius lover may want more independence than you wish for him/her to have but if you want to be associated with this sign then you will have to accommodate his/her traits. Do not expect to be “exclusive” with your Sagittarius lover but be aware that he/she will expect exclusivity from you.

Your Sagittarius lover will respect moral codes and may show this by keeping your sexual relationship a secret from others making you seem like “just a friend” when you classify the relationship as more. Only if your Sagittarius lover decides to marry will this change. Once marriage is discussed and takes place, Sagittarius will become a loyal spouse. The problem will be finding a person that he/she will commit to and spend his/her life with. Expect a Sagittarius to make a marriage that is beneficial to his/her profession and to make his/her family life an extension of that profession such as “the perfect family” in portraits on the desk and business gatherings. A Sagittarius is always ready to “move on” so do your best to keep your Sag. Lover satisfied in all departments.Sagittarius is best mated to an Aries and this is the best match for a successful marriage and long term relationship.

Remember that it is important to understand your significant other’s sun sign before making a long term commitment. Even the ancients knew that the planets at the time of your birth determine the traits you possess. History was populated with planned pregnancies that produced people with certain traits and buildings and businesses were built under auspicious signs. Luck didn’t have anything to do with it. Pay attention to your birth signs and those of your lover and you can learn a lot about your relationship.


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